At Sting Industries, we spent more than three years developing a solution for military and police to be the first man at the door. With the best-in-class people to deliver the modular indoor drone that provides personnel with intelligence, detection capabilities and threat neutralization to protect their lives. All thanks to artificial intelligence and big data processing capabilities.

Our mission is developing advanced technology to disrupt the harms of armed conflict.

Our vision is a war-less tomorrow.



Jean-Francois Ott

Chairman of the Board

Dr Giorgio Geraci

EVP – Head of Engineering

Xinghui Tao

EVP – Head of Software

Carl Cagliarini

Strategic Advisor

David Stybr

CEO Ott Ventures – Board of Directors

Brad Taylor

CEO Iconic Labs – Board of Directors


Enclosed spaces, from tunnels to caverns to the interior of buildings, are poor fits for aircraft. Even relatively stable vehicles, like four- or six-rotor drones, still risk weird aerodynamics and can abruptly crash into people, walls, or anything inside. But there’s a compelling reason to at least consider drones that can fly inside buildings: that’s where the people are.

Armed drone is a real street fighter

The unmanned aerial system, which has six rotors and is about a metre long, will be deployed in urban conflicts. Commanders predict that more battles will be fought in densely populated cities, posing an additional risk to personnel. It is the UK military’s first weaponised drone to be able to fly inside, using a combination of physics and AI that allow it to overcome “wall suck”, which causes drones with heavy payloads to crash because of the way they displace air in small rooms.