The Inhibitor Drone can deliver precision fire on targets in the lower air, on the ground and in buildings without harming its surroundings.

First Through the Door

No matter how much reconnaissance and intelligence has been done in a dangerous urban situation involving special forces, infantry, police or other security personnel, someone always needs to be first through the door.

Due to advances in weapons, explosives and related technology it is ten times riskier to be first through the door than it was to be in the infantry on D-Day.(1)

Instead of a human doing this highly dangerous job, the INHIBITOR will be first through the door; it is loud, intimidating, incredibly agile and provides the team going through the door closely behind it with lethal or non-lethal options from a safer distance.

Target accuracy

The indiscriminate killing (through bombs, rockets, and other explosives), or mistaken killing (through the inability of a person to process information accurately in a high intensity scenario), of innocent people in these dangerous urban tactical situations must be eliminated.

The Inhibitor Drones patented recoilless technology, camera and artificial intelligence systems are constantly processing target data so that the human controlling it and following it from a safer and less intense distance behind can determine whether to shoot or not.

Elevating Ethical Standards

The unlocking of unparalleled precision actively makes the Inhibitor a much safer and cost-effective alternative to bombs, rockets and other explosives.

It is also not a secretive, hidden, or high-altitude drone controlled from hundreds of miles away; it is a low flying, loud and disruptive drone that is operating only a few meters in front of the special forces, military of police teams.

The Inhibitor Drone uses Stings Artificial Intelligence solution Custodia which allows the supervision and enforcement of Rules of Engagement.

About Inhibitor

Technical Features


1.4kg quick-release payload bay that allows lethal and non-lethal weapons to be equipped in seconds.


Carbon-Kevlar monocoque dust & rain (IP43) structure with fully-integrated electronics, antennas and sensors.


360-degree sensor arrays allowing for day/ night/ smoke situational awareness and GPS/ non-GPS stability.


5.7mm Armor-piercing or 18.5mm Man-stop Semi-automatic functionality with multiple rounds and patented recoilless technology.


980mm x 700mm outer structure and cell modular smart battery for optimal indoor/ outdoor performance.


19 minutes of active flight time with 70km/h outdoor and 1.5m/s indoor speed.